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In Aprila year old man was jailed for threatening to circulate the nude photographs of a woman he had befriended online after she ended contact and changed her to avoid him. With online dating apps such as Tinder growing in popularity amongst youths and young adults, it is not uncommon for young users to have been on the receiving end of inappropriate remarks or requests, where sexual predators on such platforms may attempt to obtain sexual favours or nude photographs from young users. There is nonetheless, no consistent statutory or legal definition of sexting.

For instance, it is Sexting cyber fwb if sexting is confined to messages between romantic partners, or whether photos sent under duress or pressure constitute sexting. Sexting can also be taken into consideration in cases of sexual grooming, or where sexual offences have been committed against a minor. A post shared by SingaporeLegalAdvice. Section 7 of the CYPA states that:. This means that should an accused send sexually explicit texts to young persons with the aim of procuring sexual intercourse or other explicit sexual favours, he may fall under section 7 of the CYPA.

An example of this can be found in the case of Public Prosecutor PP v Lee Seow Pengwhere the accused argued that he was merely saying things in the Internet world with no intention of procuring sexual intercourse with the year old victim. However, the Singapore High Court found that the intention of the messages were clear as the accused had suggested a future meeting in a hotel with references to the use of a sex toy.

Section E of the Penal Codeon sexual grooming, is another piece of legislation that aims to protect minors under This case, which has been mentioned several times earlier, is an interesting one in relation to sexting and criminal offences. The accused and the victim had met on an app and exchanged numerous text messages via SMS and WhatsApp thereafter.

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During the course of their virtual communication, the accused and the victim had exchanged messages on sexual matters, including messages from the accused on having sex in his car. The victim lodged a police report a few days after their first meet-up, where the accused had sex with her in his car. Sexually suggestive messages sent to persons under the age of 16 years old will thus not be taken lightly by the courts. As the case above has shown, the young can be vulnerable to the pressures of inappropriate sexual advances or requests made on apps or other social platforms.

Whether you are a young person or a parent, it is important to be aware of the implications and dangers of online dating and social media platforms. What is the Law on Sexting in Singapore? Last updated on January 22, What is Sexting?

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What is the Law on Sexting in Singapore?