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If you are underage, or not permitted to view adult sexual situations leave this now.

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This book is about bisexual encounters. If that bothers you then do not continue further.

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He opened the door, flashed that mind blowing smile of his and we walked to the elevator to go to his room. As he walked in front of me, I could not help but look him up and down. He was a perfect sized man I was actually trembling We took the short ride to his room, with us just smiling at each other in the elevator.

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As I exited the door of the elevator, I felt his hand brush my cheek, and already I was growing rigid, making it hard to walk the 20 feet to his room. He slipped the card into the door and walked in.

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It was dark in the room, and as I followed him through the door, I looked into the room and he shut the door, turned me around to face him and forcefully kissed me like a possessed man. I loved it.

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We held each other for a few long sloppy kisses and then he said "stand there and don't move I am going to undress you and then we will take a long, warm shower. I want to feel you all over Author Dawn Westfield interviewed John about his life, and after talking with him over many months, and with John's consent, she has compiled his true encounters for all to read and understand how, and what, makes a bisexual man pursue this life. He meets liked minded Married and Bisexual men, and realizes his desires in this steamy tell all. Follow John in this second volume of his encounters, as he comes to a true understanding of his sexuality and how it affects his life.

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Publisher Description. More Books by Dawn Westfield. Casual Encounters MWM Seeking Same.

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mwm seeking mww