I can host for sex

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Usually we do it in his room, but for a of complicated reasons mostly involving roommates neither of us will be able to host this time around. Both of us live in dorms and neither of us have friends with extra rooms to lend us. And so, I turn to you guys.

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For the more experienced gaybros out there, where would you usually go to have sex when neither party could host? Get a room at a bathhouse. May not be the nicest but much cheaper than a hotel. Float up feet in the air and fuck the butt in the atmosphere.

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In a car if you have one. Politely ask one of the dorm-mates to "wander off for a bit. Porn shops sometimes have nasty rooms you can pay a small bit to use, but that's pretty gross and nothing I'd ever be down for, personally. Found the internet!

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Where to have sex when neither party can host? Posted by 3 years ago. Using a throwaway for this one. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Sort by: best. Rent a car and go out of town. Motel 6 is like dollars lol maybe there? There are motels that rent by the hour. This is one of the reasons I love having a station wagon.

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I can host for sex

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How to host sex parties (and why you probably won’t)