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The Assaults Unit also investigates abductions and attempted abductions when the location of the victim is known with a reasonable degree of certainty and the abduction is not apparently a part of another crime. If the victim of abduction cannot be located and foul play i. The Crimes Against Children Unit is responsible for investigating crimes against children 12 years of age and under. The Crimes Against Children Unit works as part of a multiple disciplinary team to investigate and advocate on behalf of child victims.

The Child Abuse Response and Evaluation Center CARE provides a homelike and nurturing atmosphere for children experiencing an investigation as possible victims of physical or sexual abuse. The Domestic Violence Unit investigates felony and misdemeanor assaults that involve members of a domestic relationship, as defined by Oklahoma State Statute The unit works with the various District Attorney Offices that are in the legal limits of Oklahoma City and various legal and social service agencies including the YWCA. This Unit is responsible for investigating all person and property crimes, other than homicides, where the victim or suspect speaks a language other than English.

Detectives in this Unit also assist detectives from other units when there is a language barrier with subjects in their investigation. The purpose of the Missing Persons Unit is to effectively investigate persons whose whereabouts are unknown. What is Care Trak? Care Trak is a program that issues bracelets which emit a radio frequency to help Oklahoma City Police officers to electronically locate at-risk people who have wandered off or gone missing.

Care Trak has been used nationally sinceand with it thousands of missing persons have been located.

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Bracelets look similar to a watch, can be worn on a wrist or ankle and are meant to be worn 24 hours a day. They are waterproof and include a thick band which can only be removed by a caregiver. In the event your loved one goes missing, call the Oklahoma City Police Department to report the missing person and tell the dispatcher that he or she is wearing a Care Trak Bracelet. Who qualifies to participate in Care Trak? How much does Care Trak Cost?

Useful Links: CareTrak: www.

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The unit has two primary areas of responsibility. The first function is to conduct and maintain registrations of offenders as required by state and federal laws. This is done in order to enforce compliance of those offenders required to register who reside within the corporate limits of the City of Oklahoma City. If you are an offender residing or wanting to reside in Oklahoma City limits and you are required by law to register with local law enforcement, you must come to the Offender Registration Unit at the Oklahoma City Police Department, located at W Main St.

Office hours for registrations are Monday through Thursday from a. Offenders should not call or e-mail the office — all registration transactions including address checks must be done in person. Personnel at the Offender Registration Unit will assist offenders in person at the office to check addresses to find a location to reside that is not in a prohibited area. Registration violations are taken seriously and will be investigated and presented for prosecution when appropriate.

How to Report Possible Registration Violations If citizens have any immediate safety concern involving a registered offender, they should call and have an Oklahoma City Police Officer respond to the scene. If a citizen has information about an offender in Oklahoma City limits required to register who is not actually staying at their listed registered address, that information can be reported to the Offender Registration Unit by e-mail by clicking here, phone, or through the Community Notification System of the Offender Watch Program see link below.

Please include as much specific information as possible. You can remain anonymous or include your contact information if you would like. Possible registration violations will be investigated and presented for prosecution when appropriate. The Robbery Unit is responsible for investigating all robberies of businesses and individuals, as well as extortions and weapon possession cases. Detectives in the unit investigate all crimes they are ased.

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Detectives also respond to robberies when called by patrol officers. Detectives from the Robbery Unit coordinate with detectives from other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. The Sex Crimes Unit investigates cases involving sexual assault and other related crimes where the victims are 13 years old and older. This is done in order to increase the probability of immediate detection and apprehension of those persons committing offenses within the corporate limits of the City of Oklahoma City.

It is also done in order to be able to present all investigative information to prosecuting authorities and to provide courtroom testimony. Originally tasked with all property-related crimes, the burglary unit has become more specialized since its inception. The Burglary Unit conducts follow-up investigations from burglaries and other burglary associated offenses.

For residents of jurisdictions we serve, LeOnline provides a system for maintaining secure records of property you own. You may store serial s, item descriptions, pictures, and scans of receipts so that your items may be more easily identified in the event of theft or loss.

This record may also come in handy when reporting any loss to your insurance provider.

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The Larceny Unit was formed in to investigate the taking of property which does not constitute burglary or auto theft. There are about 24 different types of larcenies ased to the Larceny Unit. In addition, crime where property is intentionally destroyed is also ased to the Larceny Unit. The Larceny unit is also ased crimes involving juvenile delinquency, such as curfew violations and criminal mischief in addition to cases of animal abuse.

Unit Phone : The primary purpose of the Metal Theft detail is to investigate all crimes pertaining to the theft of metal, including catalytic converters, air conditioners, electrical wiring and copper, working with other agencies to identify suspects and their methods of operation, resulting in a decrease of the of metal thefts. The primary purpose of the pawn detail is to facilitate the identification and recovery of stolen property that has been taken to local pawnshops.

This unit also investigates violations of the Consumer Credit Code relating to Pawn Shops and refers them to the office of Consumer Credit. Their purpose is to effectively conduct follow-up investigations of criminal activity. Upon request, the White Collar Crime Unit will assist other agencies with investigations that are connected to Oklahoma City or at the discretion of the Chief of Police.

Helpful Links: Federal Trade Commission — to report identity theft: www. TransUnion — www. Equifax — www. Experian — www. View Full Site.

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